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a13 thames gateway dbfo

Archaeological evaluation and mitigation works were completed during a major road improvement and construction scheme that impacted significant prehistoric wetland remains in the Thames estuary.


Involved the design and management of a multi-phased programme of geoarchaeological investigations, archaeological trenching and open area excavation in accordance with DBFO contract requirements, Design Manual for Roads and Bridges vol 10 & 11 and Construction Design (Management) Regulations:


  • routinely reported to the Integrated Project Team and undertook consultations and negotiations with Transport for London and English Heritage on scope of Further Archaeological Works.

  • developed project documentation, including integrated Quality and Health and Safety Plan, as a means of reducing project risks and improving contract compliance and rate of resolution.

  • scoped, agreed, delivered and reported on Further Archaeological Works, to secure regulatory compliance and facilitate the construction programme.


Published a landscape model for Holocene environmental and landscape change within the lower Thames floodplain that provides the baseline and methodological template for subsequent and on-going geoarchaeological investigations in the Thames estuary.

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