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Quota Heritage recently became a member of the Climate Heritage Network (CHN). The Network is a global collaboration of organisations currently focussed on implementing the CHN’s Madrid-to-Glasgow Arts, Culture and Heritage Climate Action Plan to fulfill the potential of arts, culture and heritage to aid communities in achieving the ambitions of the Paris Agreement.

Quota support the CHN objectives for:

  • making the case for building reuse through better metrics for avoided operational and embodied carbon

  • using culture to promote climate resilient sustainable development

  • coordinating cultural heritage safeguarding and climate action

  • building the arts, culture and heritage constituency for COP26

We apply technical decision-making tools to inform advice on managing heritage assets to ensure climate resilience, including:

  • Sustainable Traditional Buildings Alliance (STBA) “Guidance Wheel” 

  • UNESCO adopted Climate Vulnerability Index

Advice is generated through system-based analysis of predicted UK climate change. We focus on the consequences of an increased intensity and frequency of high energy precipitation events for both historic landscapes and properties, taking into consideration local resilience planning and water management infrastructure.

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