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colchester garrison

Successfully agreed, delivered and reported on multi-phased, multi-disciplinary investigations at the 298ha operational military garrison, including archaeology and EOD mitigation works. Discharged contract and regulatory obligations to facilitate the complex military garrison construction programme:

  • advised the Integrated Project Team (MoD and RMPA) and undertook consultations and negotiations with stakeholders, including Regimental representatives and MoD tenants; Local Authority Archaeological Advisors and English Heritage

  • prepared a revised cultural heritage ES Chapter to secure planning permission. This described the results of archaeological baseline investigations, including desk study, geophysical survey, field walking and 12km of evaluation trenching.

  • devised strategy to realise the research potential of 20th century military, Roman and prehistoric archaeological remains, which satisfied regulatory authorities and avoided development design constraints

  • Principal Contractor for integrated archaeology and EOD mitigation programme. Prepared technical documentation, including Quality and Health and Safety Plans. Reduced PFI/construction risks by avoiding conflicts with garrison/contractor operations

  • acted similarly for Taylor Woodrow during major house building programme following release of redundant military facilities. Produced a research report on the discovery and investigation of a Roman circus and cemetery. 

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