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procurement and contract delivery

Archaeological service procurement and contract management has become increasingly aligned with civil engineering models. The widely adopted NEC suite of contracts facilitates sound project management principles and practices as well as defining legal relationships and reimbursement options. 

Quota offer a comprehensive procurement and contract delivery service:


  • manage OJEU procurement framework strategies including pre-qualification questionnaires (PPQ) and invitation to tender (ITT)

  • consult and brief tenderers on contract collaborative requirements

  • draft service information (SI) in accordance with NEC4 Professional Service Contract Part 1

  • score NEC4 Part 2 technical submissions

  • work alongside procurement and legal specialists to inform decisions on contract form and terms, including advice on modelled scope and costs of works and reimbursement options

  • prepare Archaeology Project Quality and Execution Plans, setting out integrated management processes for operation and delivery of archaeological contractor and main works contractor activities and programme

  • scrutinise archaeological contractor project implementation plans (PIP), including detailed works schedules 

  • monitor contract delivery using CEMAR online contract management system



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