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health and safety

Health, safety, security and wellbeing are intrinsic to the way we do business and are considered at the outset of everything we do.

Quota ensure people have the right values, leadership, skills, competence and attitude to enable them to work as safely as possible. Everyone is empowered to intervene in unsafe situations, resolve issues and seek improvements.

We build close client, designer and contractor partnerships, working with technical experts to optimise safety and quality management during delivery of heritage and archaeological programmes. Risks are eliminated by design wherever possible, including:

  • use of technology and methods that remove or reduce potential harm

  • collaborations across technical disciplines and external stakeholders to ensure scopes of work do not require nor introduce activities that contribute unnecessary risks

  • identify strategic delivery priorities that allowed all interests to participate in a positive dialogue focussed on design integration of critical safety, conservation and construction processes and task sequences

  • fully documented method statements and safety plans are prepared​, audited, maintained and adjusted in line with programme and scope changes and in pursuit of continual improvement

  • proactive and engaging communications, safety briefings and toolbox presentations

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