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hummingbird (dugbe 1) project, liberia

Undertook cultural heritage ESIA assessment of the effects of proposed gold mine development on communities in part of rural south east Liberia. During field survey, traditional and mining communities were interviewed to determine cultural heritage baseline information related to:

  • tangible forms of cultural heritage affected by proposed settlement relocation, including moveable or immovable objects, property, sites, structures, or groups of structures, having archaeological, historical, cultural, artistic and religious values

  • unique natural features or tangible objects that embody cultural values, such as sacred groves, rocks, lakes, and waterfalls

  • intangible forms of culture, such as cultural knowledge and practices of communities embodying traditional beliefs and lifestyles

Baseline information ensured the design of the proposed mining facilities and operations avoided culturally sensitive places and further mitigations were embedded in settlement relocation package.

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