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interpretation, design and art

The myriad stories embedded within the fabric of the environment are a source for imaginative or allegorical design and creativity.

Quota promote a creative dialogue that uses heritage knowledge, values and understandings to inspire memorable experiences and exploration of hidden or nuanced meanings. We also address issues of authenticity that come into play when heritage contexts are the intended setting for architectural design and public art.

We assist in the preparation of commission and design briefs that provides scope for work that is relevant to both the practice of individual artists and design practitioners and to the context and its different narratives. Connecting contemporary design and art making to the physical, environmental and emotional setting is a starting point for the creative process rather than determining its final destination.

Crucially, by recognising diversity we amplify interests and groups otherwise excluded, neglected or overlooked. Our evidence-based interpretation explains and challenges distorted views of the past that contribute to long-standing inequalities and discrimination.

We ensure everyone can take pride in accessible public realm that is inclusive, meets diverse needs and is a safe, engaging and enjoyable social arena.


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