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north london reinforcement project

Supported National Grid proposals to upgrade one of two existing 275kV overhead transmission lines between Waltham Cross substation and Tottenham substation a distance of some 14km. It passes via the existing Brimsdown substation in the London Borough of Enfield, Greater London.

Explained the visual and cultural effects of an upgrade to the existing ZBC alignment were of a lesser order than those likely to be experienced due to a new alignment and could be managed with reasonable facility.


During consultation with both Historic England and the LPA detailed information was provided to address objections, including photomontages prepared in consultation with landscape specialists. Analysed the effects of the application proposal at the Brimsdown sub-station, both as submitted and following minor changes to eliminate a substantial and intrusive harm on the character and appearance of Enfield Lock Conservation Area and on the Prince of Wales Field public open space.


Whilst the initial effects of the proposed works in this location were deemed significant, it was agreed that once vegetation has regrown landscaping will have reinstated the current character and appearance.

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