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conservation, planning policy and Heritage protection   

An in-depth understanding of UK heritage protection policy and guidance underpins a robust approach to all aspects of the development planning work we undertake.  Evidence is finely calibrated to ensure decisions fully meet historic environment policy tests, taking into consideration relevant statutory measures and legal judgements.

Quota operate across the devolved UK planning jurisdictions and consenting processes including Local Authority and National Significant Infrastructure Planning regimes. Our advice and evidence result in well-informed decisions and we have a successful record of expert representation at public examination and inquiry hearings.

In addition we undertake:

  • supplementary planning documents, conservation area assessments and neighbourhood planning studies. These studies are informed by appropriately scoped research and clearly presented evidence

  • ESIA/EHIA projects outside the UK, including the Arabian Gulf and West Africa. All work meets relevant international heritage protection policy, guidance, standards and regulatory compliance requirements, including IFC Performance Standards.


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