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archaeological research

Archaeological recording prior to loss provides public benefit, generate knowledge and assists development delivery.

Quota approach each archaeological investigation as a unique circumstance requiring a solution-based, site specific approach. 


Baseline evidence verifies if site-specific archaeological research objectives might be realised; and if so, the precise scope of work necessary.

Detailed investigation is carefully planned to approved research designs, briefs and specifications that define:

  • science-based techniques for targeting, describing and analysing field data to achieve site-specific research objectives

  • methodology that integrates archaeological and construction processes to:

    • secure safe operations 

    • facilitate on-going construction design engineering 

    • optimise programme efficiency 

  • post-excavation activities that:

    • create knowledge

    • promote people’s interest and enthusiasm for understanding, appreciating, protecting and enjoying the historic environment

    • model the timescale and local dynamics of Holocene environmental trends to inform ecosystem design approaches for:

      • habitat creation and management

      • climate resilience

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