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baseline research and survey

Planning and delivering development, whether to meet local needs or address national interests, relies on knowledge and clarity of purpose. Understanding heritage assets and their significance informs conservation, design and planning decisions.  

Quota baseline research and survey functions collect, assess and evaluate evidence that is:

  • relevant, accurate and precise 

  • non-technical, concise and engaging
  • calibrates significance of heritage assets with reference to specific attributes and criteria pertinent to planning policy tests and relevant comparatives
  • guides embedded design measures to protect and enhance the historic environment
  • considers potential research value and contribution to knowledge  

Applying advanced technical and professional standards we:

  • offer tailored, innovative and creative research strategies and survey  methodologies 

  • utilise a wide range of analytical techniques, drawing on archaeology, landscape, architecture, paleoecology, geography, geology and historic disciplines 

  • apply appropriate technical guidance to evaluation fieldwork and desk-based studies, including heritage statements, historic landscape characterisation, historic building surveys, historic area and setting assessment, etc.



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