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richborough connection dco

Contributed historic environment expertise for National Grid's Richborough Connection Project DCO application. This project delivered a 20km overhead electricity transmission line between Canterbury and Richborough in Kent, to provide a connection into the National Grid for the Nemo Link, a consented project involving the laying of high voltage electricity cables under the North Sea, improving the link between the UK and European electricity generation.  

Supported all stages in the NSIP consenting process, including preparation of PEIR, stakeholder engagement, drafting of ES chapters and mitigation design. Involved close liaison with landscape and visual impact studies on the rural character of the historic environment, including both heritage assets and landscape features. 


Provided a geoarchaeological strategy and methodology for understanding, assessing and mitigating the potential harm to deeply buried palaeoenvironmental and archaeological remains within the Wantsum and Stour floodplains. Oversaw delivery of a study detailing post-glacial and Holocene landscape evolution, outlining the effects of sea level rise on patterns of human habitation over a 12,000 period, which provides a baseline for future archaeological research in the Thanet and Stour area. 

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