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Places encourage thought, reflection, activity and friendship, which impact peoples' emotional, spiritual and mental wellbeing. Historic places in particular promote a sense of connection to common human values that strengthen identity, social resilience and promote personal and community wellbeing.  

Quota prepare development-led wellbeing evaluations in collaboration with health and care practitioners. They identify passive design measures that stimulate physical and intellectual encounters with the historic environment; introducing adaptations to the public domain that promote emotional growth, encourage people to engage in health-enhancing behaviours and support community cohesion. 


In addition to place-based preventative approach, Quota offer therapeutic or skills based programmes that address wellbeing inequalities in both the project workplace and within communities:

  • promote inclusion by celebrating diversity of culture and heritage

  • promote social mobility through improved access to learning opportunities that engage with the historic environment

  • stimulate creative activities that address anxiety or emotional issuesand give a higher sense of purpose and life satisfaction​

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